Will the database have its own page much like what Notion has?

will the database have it own page much like what notion has.
each database entry has its own page you can open.

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    • 88250

      SiYuan Database is not based on Pages, but on Blocks, which is different from Notion.

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    • Usman

      Could we implement a modal view feature for pages in the future, similar to Notion? Users would have the option to view page in a modal format for a quick overview. If they prefer a more detailed view, they can open it in a new tab.

    • Andy999

      Can`t find how can we Create Linked Database like in Notion. If we have some Database -> how to ReUse it on the different page? (If I want to have filtered view of the same Database?).

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    • Andy999

      Thanks! Now I understand!

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