[Task List plug-in v0.0.3 version update] Supports hiding task nodes in the specified document and all its children

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New feature introduction


The tasks in some documents do not need to be processed, or the tasks in some documents are only for display and we do not need to actually complete them, so these tasks need to be hidden and filtered out.

In this update, a settings button is added in the upper right corner of the task list plug-in. Clicking this button will pop up a drawer on the left side of the page. In this drawer, we can set which documents or tasks in the notebook need to be hidden.

These documents are presented in the form of a document tree. It should be noted that this document tree does not display all documents in the workspace, but only displays when the document or its children contains tasks.

There are two ways to hide tasks:

  • Only hide task nodes within the document itself
  • Hide task nodes in a document and its children

By checking different operations in the document tree, different hiding effects will be produced. The document nodes of the hidden tasks will be more clearly displayed in the form of strikethrough.

When [Self and children] is checked, the tasks in the document and all sub-documents will be hidden. Even if sub-documents are subsequently added under the document, the tasks in these new sub-documents will also be hidden. Completely automated, no need for frequent hidden operations.

In addition, this setting item has been persisted through the interface provided by Siyuan Note. Even if Siyuan Note is closed, the setting item will still be valid when it is opened again.


This plug-in uses Vue3 and Element Plus to realize the drawing of UI Layout . Due to limited technical capabilities, there will inevitably be some problems during the use of the plug-in. If you encounter problems during use or have good suggestions, please leave a message here for feedback.

Finally, thank you very much for your love and support for the [Task List] plug-in ❤️ I will continue to update and improve it. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me feedback at any time. By the way, if you think this plug-in is helpful to you, please give me a Github Repository star🌟🌟🌟 Thank you~~~

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      The problem that the plug-in cannot be used in the browser through the server has been fixed in version V0.0.4