Faster syncing?

hi, I'm trying the trial and the syncing is restricted to 30 seconds after the last input. That's way too slow and in practice it feels more like a couple minutes. On logseq it's 2 seconds after last input, and from last input to propagation it's about 10-15 seconds. On AnyType, it's almost instantaneous, from last input to propagation to new deviceit's about 2 seconds.

i'm considering the lifetime subscription, but I'd like to know if we can get faster syncing. For right now it's way too slow. I also noticed that if I type something on one page on one device, and then type somethingin the same document from another device, it completely overwrites the page, instead of actually merging.

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      After the mobile device data is changed, a cloud icon will appear on the interface, click to synchronize.

      If the frequency of automatic synchronization is too high, system and network resources will be wasted. Considering that SiYuan is not a collaborative editing product, we do not use a synchronous algorithm for collaborative editing, but use incremental snapshots of files to achieve synchronization (similar to Git). It can guarantee performance and consistency in the case of a large number of files.

      Thank you for your trial and attention to SiYuan.

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      Yes, the current synchronization mechanism will not consider changes for the time being.

      This is not quite like chat messages. Data synchronization also needs to consider external changes (for example, on the desktop, users may use other applications to change asset files, such as editing pictures), so we choose the incremental file snapshot solution. Before synchronization, it is necessary to traverse the file system to generate snapshots. If it is too frequent, it will cause a certain waste of system resources. In addition, each synchronization needs to download the snapshot index from the cloud, and network traffic will also be used.

      In summary, we will not consider reducing the synchronization interval for the time being, unless the user manually triggers the synchronization, thank you.

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      Is there a buttin to sync on deman in IOS? I really think that syncing within a few seconds of last type is necessary - is there a way we can change this setting? That would make conflicts much less likely. Please allow us the option to sync 2 seconds after - or even better, let us select in seconds how often we want syncing to occur. Please, it is very vital to my use of SiYuan. And thank you for your excellent work, you have made my favorite PKMS

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      I understand. However I strongly encourage you to consider allowing more rapid syncing, especially for only text updates. SiYuan is my favorite PKMS that I have encountered, but logseq and anytype and many others that aren't catered towards collaboration still have very rapid syncing.

      I understand if there's a lot of work to be done to change the syncing infrastructure, but if the paid offering is syncing and it has such severe limitations, it really makes it a poor value proposition. I highly encourage to be open to more robust syncing and improvements to syncing in general

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