Faster syncing?

hi, I'm trying the trial and the syncing is restricted to 30 seconds after the last input. That's way too slow and in practice it feels more like a couple minutes. On logseq it's 2 seconds after last input, and from last input to propagation it's about 10-15 seconds. On AnyType, it's almost instantaneous, from last input to propagation to new deviceit's about 2 seconds.

i'm considering the lifetime subscription, but I'd like to know if we can get faster syncing. For right now it's way too slow. I also noticed that if I type something on one page on one device, and then type somethingin the same document from another device, it completely overwrites the page, instead of actually merging.

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      Yes, the current synchronization mechanism will not consider changes for the time being.

      This is not quite like chat messages. Data synchronization also needs to consider external changes (for example, on the desktop, users may use other applications to change asset files, such as editing pictures), so we choose the incremental file snapshot solution. Before synchronization, it is necessary to traverse the file system to generate snapshots. If it is too frequent, it will cause a certain waste of system resources. In addition, each synchronization needs to download the snapshot index from the cloud, and network traffic will also be used.

      In summary, we will not consider reducing the synchronization interval for the time being, unless the user manually triggers the synchronization, thank you.

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    • MonkCanatella

      So it's not up for consideration? If I just sync everytime I finish typing something it will have the same effect. I think you will find it's not resource heavy if you're only syncing the changes made and not the entirety of the database. It should be about as resource heavy as a chat app sending messages back and forth

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      After the mobile device data is changed, a cloud icon will appear on the interface, click to synchronize.

      If the frequency of automatic synchronization is too high, system and network resources will be wasted. Considering that SiYuan is not a collaborative editing product, we do not use a synchronous algorithm for collaborative editing, but use incremental snapshots of files to achieve synchronization (similar to Git). It can guarantee performance and consistency in the case of a large number of files.

      Thank you for your trial and attention to SiYuan.

    • zxhd86

      As far as I know, you can bind instant sync to a shortcut key to achieve fast sync. Equipped with the Sync perception function, I think it can solve your problem.

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