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Dear Siyuan team, first a big and huge thanks for your wonderfull application. I'm under test and I'm already pretty amazed on all the functionalities proposed and ability to self host. Before to perform a full switch and take the subscription, I've tested the importing of Markdown folder and then export.

Import : globally the import is functionning quite well, but:

  • Links between notes are not properly imported : we keep the link to MD file ([ ] ( .md)) but it is not working anymore since the markdown does not exist anymore and Siyuan does not create automatically a reference to the associated imported note in Siyuan
  • Text hyperlinks : when a link is only textual (not with [ ] ( ) only text), it is not highlighted as an hyperlink. "" in Markdown -> appears as textual only in Siyuan, while it appears as an hyperlink automatically in Obsidian for exampe. It could be nice to convert it automatically. Seems the same issue as How to automatically convert URL text to URL link?

Export: globally the export is functionning quite well, but:

  • Same issue for links between notes during export as for the import: when a reference is made in Siyuan to another note, it is lost during the export, the link is not made to the associated Markdown file.

Are you aware of these issues? Is it something that could be improved in a future version ?

Thanks again for your amazing work!

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      About importing:

      • Obsidian references cannot be converted to SiYuan references if they cannot be located externally, because Obsidian references seem to have some kind of built-in private short format syntax that we cannot parse. We can only handle standard Markdown formats and cannot handle private extended Markdown formats
      • SiYuan will not perform automatic link conversion on text

      About exporting:

      • When SiYuan exports Markdown, you can export references as footnotes, Settings - Export - Ref
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    • benz

      Thanks a lot for your answer.

      In terms of Obsidian references, I mean only simple reference to existing Markdown files so for example I have and and in I have a link to with [Link to A]( This kind of link is not imported in Siyuan, it is lost.

      For the export I will try again, but my perliminary test does not produce a Markdown file with the correct reference ie if I make a reference in Siyuan for note B to A it will not produce in the the corresponding [Link to A]( but only link to A so loosing the link

      Again, best regards to you 88250 and thanks for your time