YAML frontmatter to SiYuan attribute conversion on markdown import

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I read that YAML frontmatter isn't supported by the app for exports and I understand the reasons.

However, when importing makrdown files, users coming from many other Systems (Obsidian, Foam, Dendron, Logseq etc.) that are based on markdown files will have many YAML frontmatter properties in them. Manually converting them to Attributes in SiYuan is not an option most of the time.

It would be very nice if the Importer could transform most if not all YAML properties into Attributes automatically.

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    • angroid
      PRO Author

      Oh alright, I though I had read that all YAML support was removed on github at some point, good to know it can be exported.

      Concerning the import, it means it could happen but that certain types would be de facto reserved by SiYuan and could be renamed with a specific affix and then manually edited.

      This isn't very high priority to me because my vault doesn't necessarily need to be migrated but it would be neat. However, for people with large note collections that are already tagged and have YAML properties, being able to make the switch in a few hours instead of a few days would be amazing.

    • MiscReply
    • zxhd86 2

      In fact, the export of YAML is supported in Siyuan, but the import is not currently supported.

      In addition, Siyuan's document block properties are handled differently from other applications, they all appear directly in the DOM, which means that even if import is supported, some properties are not allowed to be named, or more likely, they are not allowed to be imported to prevent corruption.

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