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  • S3 Sync Issue (Cloudflare R2 / Google Cloud Storage)

    2023-11-08 16:20

    Hello, it's a bit difficult to find english information on the current status but as far as I understood, S3 & Webdav syncing is in testing for the moment and available to everyone. Later one you will need the PRO version (currently 48 USD lifetime) for external sync, and the subscription (currently 148USD lifetime) for the integrated cloud.

    So I don't think you're having issues because of a missing subscription. I'm using Synology C2 free tier for S3 storage and it works perfectly as far as I know.

    However you mention docker and your own selfhosted Siyuan right? As far as I understood the self hosted version & webapp don't perfectly talk to the desktop versions. As far as I understood, you cannot use the self hosted version to sync desktop and mobile apps. This is all just my understanding from research trying to figure out the same things as you, so no guarantee that I understood correctly. I'm sure the developer can correct my statements.

    Try to use S3 sync just between the desktop and mobile versions, no self-host or webapp in the chain?

  • WebDav Koofr - Request for support

    2023-11-08 05:07

    Happy you got it working!

    I'm using Synology C2, which is S3 object storage compatible. They give you 15 GB for free, which is plenty for notes. Easy to set up in the App (When asked for the region, copy the first section of the endpoint domain like eu-003 or something). Works perfectly!

  • YAML frontmatter to SiYuan attribute conversion on markdown import

    2023-11-07 02:07

    Oh alright, I though I had read that all YAML support was removed on github at some point, good to know it can be exported.

    Concerning the import, it means it could happen but that certain types would be de facto reserved by SiYuan and could be renamed with a specific affix and then manually edited.

    This isn't very high priority to me because my vault doesn't necessarily need to be migrated but it would be neat. However, for people with large note collections that are already tagged and have YAML properties, being able to make the switch in a few hours instead of a few days would be amazing.

  • WebDav Koofr - Request for support

    2023-11-06 18:14

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  • Any way to subscribe to get cloud sync (Windows + Android) from Europe?

    2023-11-06 18:05

    Amazon AWS also has a free tier for S3 buckets that should be enough for syncing notes. I'm not a Sysadmin and found it relatively easy to setup, but the whole concept is a lot more technical than a simple Cloud Drive like the ones you're used to. You also don't need to understand all the underlying tech, in the end you just need to create a bucket and paste the corresponding information into SiYuan. A general tutorial on S3 on youtube will help you grasp the basics.

  • Trying to understand sync and backup options

    2023-11-06 17:54

    The automatic translation of the chinese community isn't very good but it's a start. SiYuan really needs proper english documentation. This application is fantastic and would completely explode in the western PKM world if it was more accessible for non chinese speaking audiences.