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Hello! :)

I recently purchased the PRO version, and wanted to firstly thank the team for the wonderful app.

The sync function is what I mostly wanted, and chose Webdav due to the available documentation and not being a technical user. For reference, this guide was followed to a T, with Encryption allowed.

Problem is it's not working. The folder in Koofr has some files, but it eventually fails with the following errors everytime:


Could someone help with this please?

Running on a Macbook pro m1- MacOs Sonoma, and IOS. Error happens on both. Residing in EU.

Thanks in advance.

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    Nia61 updated this article at 2023-11-06 05:30:31

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      From the error message, it appears that the connection is established via HTTPS. You can try skipping TLS.


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    • Nia61
      PRO Author

      Ahhh thanks! How much of a noblet Iam I'm with this.

      It's been removed and the api was changed too just in case.

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      Hello, the request status code 423 is returned by the WebDAV server. It may be because there are many requests in a short period of time and the server cannot handle it.

      We recommend using S3 instead of WebDAV because WebDAV has poorer performance and stability.

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