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  • WebDav Koofr - Request for support

    2023-11-06 21:56

    Hi again,

    Got S3 to work. No idea what the issue was, but after a big headache here's what got it working:

    Use Safari (instead of Arc), create a new account on Cloudflare with an email that isn't authenticated by google to sign in and boom! works.

    Leaving it here in case it's helpful to anyone in the future. :) Thanks for the support.

  • WebDav Koofr - Request for support

    2023-11-06 18:59

    Ahhh thanks! How much of a noblet Iam I'm with this.

    It's been removed and the api was changed too just in case.

  • WebDav Koofr - Request for support

    2023-11-06 09:47

    Sadly it didn't work too. :(

    So after, I tried swapping the endpoint to "" and the error message now switched to:


  • WebDav Koofr - Request for support

    2023-11-06 09:23


    Thank you for the quick response. Tried setting S3 the last couple of hours too without luck, using Cloudflare R2.

    Followed this comment that someone kindly put in another thread:

    "in simple steps:

    1. go to the cloudflare dashboard
    2. create a bucket
    3. create an token to authenticate on the s3 api:
    4. go to siyuan configure the s3 sync with the information gathered on previous steps
    5. after configuring the conection information go to cloud sync dir and add a directory for the sincronization"


    (Edited to remove personal info!)

    following error when I try to sync:


    Would you be able to point out what's wrong, or to where I should research more to get this sync'd please?

    Thank you kindly