WebDav Koofr - Request for support

Hello! :)

I recently purchased the PRO version, and wanted to firstly thank the team for the wonderful app.

The sync function is what I mostly wanted, and chose Webdav due to the available documentation and not being a technical user. For reference, this guide was followed to a T, with Encryption allowed.

Problem is it's not working. The folder in Koofr has some files, but it eventually fails with the following errors everytime:


Could someone help with this please?

Running on a Macbook pro m1- MacOs Sonoma, and IOS. Error happens on both. Residing in EU.

Thanks in advance.

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    Nia61 updated this article at 2023-11-06 05:30:31

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    • Nia61
      PRO Author

      Sadly it didn't work too. :(

      So after, I tried swapping the endpoint to "https://.fedramp.r2.cloudflarestorage.com" and the error message now switched to:


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      Nia61 updated this reply at 2023-11-06 18:58:03
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    • Nia61
      PRO Author

      Hi again,

      Got S3 to work. No idea what the issue was, but after a big headache here's what got it working:

      Use Safari (instead of Arc), create a new account on Cloudflare with an email that isn't authenticated by google to sign in and boom! works.

      Leaving it here in case it's helpful to anyone in the future. :) Thanks for the support.

    • angroid 1

      Happy you got it working!

      I'm using Synology C2, which is S3 object storage compatible. They give you 15 GB for free, which is plenty for notes. Easy to set up in the App (When asked for the region, copy the first section of the endpoint domain like eu-003 or something). Works perfectly!

    • 88250

      From the error message, it appears that the connection is established via HTTPS. You can try skipping TLS.


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