Group discussion like Discord

Hi, do we have a group discussion like Discord / Wechat / Facebook to gather user there?


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    Here we can learn from each other how to use SiYuan, give feedback and suggestions, and build SiYuan together.

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    • zacl 1
      PRO Author

      Thanks, sure, you can't be everywhere! I agree it is better that you focus on this forum.

      I think the discord must be managed by fans/users and with te objective for them to gather, discuss between them and help themself.

      I hope the community will grow up 😄 and you can continue working on SiYuan

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    • 88250 1

      Join the SiYuan Discord Server!

      But we don't have much time for maintenance at the moment.

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    • edmed

      there's not much to maintain, there, unfortunately, the discord is empty for months.