Database with Gallery view

Hello! 👋

I am trying to transition completely to SiYuan. 😄

I would like to create something similar to what I can make in Notion/Anytype:


For now I am using the Database function in SiYuan, which is already amazing:


Is it possible to also have a Gallery view? 

Or what can be the simplest way to reproduce what I showed above?

In Obsidian the Card View like this can be done with some CSS snippets, maybe it can be done the same here.

In any case, I hope it will be implemented in the future and thanks for your awesome work! 😄

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      Currently, user requirements are mainly collected through GitHub Issues and forums, but there are no intuitive and summarized statistical results.

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      Hello, after we complete the table view, we will develop the kanban view. We will decide whether to develop the gallery view based on the demand later. Thank you.

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    • Usman

      Eagerly waiting for Notion like Gallery View.

    • Francisco

      "We will decide whether to develop the gallery view based on the demand later."

      How can users indicate, or vote, which demands they are most interested in? Via this forum itself? By voting on the roadmap board? Is it possible to view the "ranking" of interest? Thank you very much!

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