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So far I'm enjoying SiYuan the most out of available PKM tools. Great job!

Recently, I noticed there is a functionality on a block "Add to database". When I click it, it adds the block to a selected database, but all the columns are empty. I am wondering what are the use cases for this feature? I was wondering if I can add to a database that will automatically fill in data in table with information from the sub-blocks from the added block.

Thank you in advance for the response!

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    • WanChen

      There should be no space between “.action” and “{ .title}”.

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    • 88250

      This function can be seen as recording metadata for blocks and managing these metadata (sorting, filtering, etc.) through different views, thereby making it easier to manage blocks.

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    • revachol

      Thank you! That works.

    • revachol

      If I set ".action{ .title}" as the template value, the column will be populated with the value of another column named "title" if it exists. It doesn't retrieve the value of the document title though which is what I would like to achieve. E.g., in the example below I would like for the text "Programming" to appear in the column "Template" because "Programming" is the document the "Example database entry" was inserted from. That doesn't work, however. Thanks for your help so far, though. screenshot.png


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