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  • Can't copy API token string

    2023-11-15 01:07

    Ok thanks I have found it.

    The second workspace I created on desktop is not shown, when I try to type its name in the field the app crashes

    Edit: ok I have sorted it. Now I can create a new workspace on the phone iOS but I am not sure how to sync it to the second workspace I had previously created in desktop app.

    Edit2: never mind I solved it. I had to select the second workspace from the menu on the phone. Thanks again for you help.

  • Can't copy API token string

    2023-11-14 15:33

    Can't see how to do it. When I swipe right to left the last note shows up.

    When I further slide right to left I get to the menu with my account, recent documents, etc but there is no workspace listed there (it is there in the desktop app but not in iOS)

  • Can't copy API token string

    2023-11-14 00:32

    yes, it worked.

    Another question: I am testing using different workspaces on the linux app and also I am testing how it syncs (free trial) with iOS app, before I subscribe and use S3.

    Does the iOS app support only a workspace? I could not find a way to use a second one.

    How to select a specific workspace when the desktop app opens? Like a default workspace that always is opened first when launching the app.