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  • 'Add to Database' question

    2024-05-02 17:44

    Thank you! That works.

  • 'Add to Database' question

    2024-05-02 01:20

    If I set ".action{ .title}" as the template value, the column will be populated with the value of another column named "title" if it exists. It doesn't retrieve the value of the document title though which is what I would like to achieve. E.g., in the example below I would like for the text "Programming" to appear in the column "Template" because "Programming" is the document the "Example database entry" was inserted from. That doesn't work, however. Thanks for your help so far, though. screenshot.png


  • 'Add to Database' question

    2024-05-02 00:07

    Thanks. I have already tried using template columns but not sure it's possible to pull in the document's title with them. Templates such as .action {.title} don't seem to work for me. Perhaps, I haven't figured out the correct syntax?

  • 'Add to Database' question

    2024-05-01 22:15

    Just wondering: Is there a way to automatically populate some of the metadata depending on which document the block is inserted from? For example, If I insert a block from a document called "Programming" into a database I would like to display the document's title "Programming" in one of the database's columns without having to type it in myself