[SOLVED] How to increase application font size

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I mean tree, pop-up with prompts, right mouse click menu, settings font-size.

There is Zoom out option (Ctrl+-) but I don't see Zoom In option (Ctrl++).

After I tested Zoom out and all became very small I couldn't Zoom In and even after application restart all is very small.

I use the latest appimage.

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    rty16 updated this article at 2023-07-31 22:18:52

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    • rty16

      Hmm. I don't know what can I check. I am on Manjaro Plasma KDE. Maybe it is some desktop environment problem or Dbus or something but I am not so advanced Linux user to track the source of the problem myself. All my other text apps react to Ctrl++.

      I checked the latest version siyuan-v202307272333-linux.AppImage and also run siyuan-v202307272333-linux.tar.gz. On both the same problem.

      Can you consider adding option for application font size in Settings?

      Maybe also a feature that Ctrl+mouse wheel works also for application font size when mouse is ponited somewhere on application not on Content block.

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    • rty16

      I discovered it accidentally. Ctrl+= increases application font size. Ctrl+- decreases.
      But you can consider adding options I proposed. It will be more intuitive for new useres. Changing font size is like the first thing I do when testing such apps.

      Thank you for your support.

    • 88250

      Hi, I tested the appimage program on Ubuntu, Ctrl+-, Ctrl+0 and Ctrl++ all work fine.

    • rty16

      Ctrl+mouse wheel works only for content block text, not for whole application.

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