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  • css question about scrollbar and pop-ups frame color

    2023-09-05 18:37

    Help. I discovered how to add css snippet to appearance but still don't know how to disable overlay and increase width. I tried

    :root {--b3-scroll-width: 25px; }

    but it doesn't work.

  • Copy block ref to predefined document

    2023-08-24 23:58

    Thank you for replay but I don't want to do search for thousands of times. I want to make it quick and easy. Looks like some hack or a plugin is needed for it.

  • Please create video tutorials in English

    2023-08-21 18:34

    I perfectly understand that developers want to stay focused on development but on the other hand some how-to's would make it more popular and attract more attention, more users, more cooperation from other developers, more income.

    Forgive me for not doing it myself but I barely understand the basics.

  • To-do document containing all to-do's from other documents

    2023-08-21 18:24

    Firstly, I don't know how to do it. I start by typing {{ and paste code but the result is like this


    when I click outside it disappears.

    Secondly it is a query, so it shows search result. This search result cannot be sorted manually to give some order to it.

    This program is so great but without "how-to's" users will be limited to IT programmers who are trained to understand documentation.

  • Ask a few minor questions

    2023-08-18 16:06

    You can use plugin Web Page View to browse Internet in siyuan and also open siyuan in default web browser. Read User Guide → Please start here → general operations → Use on browser.

    To open in browser:

    Settings - About - Use on browser - Open browser

  • [SOLVED] Is it possible to copy entire folded block and paste in another document?

    2023-07-31 22:17

    Thank you very much. I must spend more time discovering and testing all features.

    I really miss some video tutorials in English.

  • [SOLVED] Is it possible to copy entire folded block and paste in another document?

    2023-07-31 18:02

    I don't understand this response. Could you clarify how can I copy entire folded text block to another document? I expected it to work like just fold → mark with mouse → copy → paste. But it doesn't work this way.

  • [SOLVED] How to increase application font size

    2023-07-29 18:04

    I discovered it accidentally. Ctrl+= increases application font size. Ctrl+- decreases.
    But you can consider adding options I proposed. It will be more intuitive for new useres. Changing font size is like the first thing I do when testing such apps.

    Thank you for your support.

  • [SOLVED] How to increase application font size

    2023-07-29 16:33

    Hmm. I don't know what can I check. I am on Manjaro Plasma KDE. Maybe it is some desktop environment problem or Dbus or something but I am not so advanced Linux user to track the source of the problem myself. All my other text apps react to Ctrl++.

    I checked the latest version siyuan-v202307272333-linux.AppImage and also run siyuan-v202307272333-linux.tar.gz. On both the same problem.

    Can you consider adding option for application font size in Settings?

    Maybe also a feature that Ctrl+mouse wheel works also for application font size when mouse is ponited somewhere on application not on Content block.

  • [SOLVED] How to increase application font size

    2023-07-29 02:49

    Ctrl+mouse wheel works only for content block text, not for whole application.

  • [SOLVED] How to increase application font size

    2023-07-29 02:41

    Did you test it on appimage?

    Ctrl+0 works. But Ctrl++ doesn't. I do have option "quickly addjust font size" enabled.

    Could you check it please. Besides why there is a shortcut in menu Alt+- to Zoom out? It is counterintuitive if you say Ctrl++ is for Zoom In.

    Can application font size be set in custom.css?