Unreadable titles in tabs

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On the Siyuan application interface, the tab titles are sometimes illegible.
Take a look at the two photos attached
I'm using :
Ubuntu 22.04 ; Siyuan 2.10

I think you need to add an option in the application to disable 'GPU rasterization'. Deactivation could solve this problemongletsiyuanbis.png

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    • alvorithm
      VIP Warrior

      Hi, I suffer from the same problem: garbled tab labels


      I am on Linux - PopOS! 22.04, using SiYuan 2.11.3, my laptop has an integrated GPU.

    • alvorithm
      VIP Warrior

      This can actually get very bad in other contexts, see below the bug in action in the search widget.

      @88250, @Vanessa is better to report as a bug in GitHub?