How to use "inbox" feature?

As a lifetime user, how do I use the Inbox feature? The instructions in the user guide are very superficial. It only talks about API, where to find it, but it doesn't show how to use it. Thank you.

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      There should be no connected program at present (as far as I know). This requires third-party applications to be developed and connected.

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    • sdnnvs
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      Okay, thanks for the feedback. But, would there be an application as an example, so that I can find a use for Cloud Inbox? For example, the Capacities app has connectivity with Telegram and WhatsApp. Would it be possible to use the SiYuan API to do the same?
      Personally, I would really like it if it were possible to copy text excerpts and send them directly to Inbox, more or less like the Citanotes app does.

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    • zxhd86

      In China, an example has been developed to connect to WeChat, which allows you to send messages to SiYuan in the form of conversations.

      I think Telegram and WhatsApp should be able to do something similar, but there is no doing yet.

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      Hello, Inbox currently only provides APIs for external applications to connect.

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