Inline Math - can I somehow do simple Math like summing up a table column?

Hey guys,

SiYuan looks awesome and exactly, what I was searching for.

WhatI miss in most PKMs is simple math and displaying charts. A workout or finance tracker is pretty useless without the possibility to e.g. sum a column of a table.

I found the Inline math function and read somewhere, that this is possible in SiYuan. But there is not much english content out there and I can not figure out how to.

Could somebody help me out? How can I do simple calculations based on table columns or referenced values in a text?

Also: is or will it possible to display line charts e.g. based on those values? If already - how to?

I also checked the plugins, but I didn´t find anything helpful for this.

Thanks a lot!

Best regars


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    • 88250

      Hello, we are developing the database table view feature that can filter, sort and calculate

      There are currently no support plans for chart drawing, thank you.

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    • MiscReply
    • 88250

      Paid users can already experience it first, and it will have to wait until it is officially released to all users.

    • SaiRu

      Thanks a lot!

      Is there an ETA for the calculations?

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