Documentation for "Copy block *"

Hello, I am wondering if there is any documentation for the various "Copy block xxx" menu options


I am playing with them and have figured out what most of them do, but have not understood, for example, the difference between 'Copy block ref' and 'Copy block hyperlink (Markdown)'. They seem to be exactly the same?

In any case, these 'Copy block xxx' options are awesome and I found them only by accident. For example, I was searching for something like 'Copy block embed' and had wrongly believed that this was not possible in SiYuan. Then, I discovered this purely by accident.

Is this already documented somewhere and I missed seeing it? Else, it could be added to the /Please Start Here/Content Block/Ref Content Block page of the guide.

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      The main difference between copy block ref and copy block hyperlink (Markdown) is that ref establish bidirectional links (reference counting and backlink panel), but block hyperlink do not.