Best way of handling pdf without uploading?

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I have a ton of information in pdfs which I'm managing through SiYuan. However, I'm already at 2 GB and counting, with the pdf collection taking up most of that space. With the permanent limit to 8 GB, I'm worried that I'll run up to my limit very quickly.

Now, I have no problem with uploading the PDFs on a separate server, but that currently means that I'd have to embed them via an iframe and the very convenient PDF handling that SiYuan provides would be lost.

What is the best way of handling pdf collections without putting too much load on the server memory? Are there any tools/platforms/plugins that could help here?

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    • zxhd86

      You can configure to ignore pdf uploads in data/.siyuan/syncignore, which means you need to handle the synchronization of pdf on your own.

      Another option is to use a third-party S3 provider with larger capacity.