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I would like to be able to use an attribute of the parent block when writing an SQL query in an embed block. For the sake of example, consider I am in the document Trip to the Moon​ and I want to make a query that collects links to it. I would write

select b.* from blocks as b where b.content like "%trip to the moon%" order by updated desc

But I am already in Trip to the Moon​ (a document or a parent block with that name), so ideally I would like to grab the current document's title/name. I would like to replace the literal string "%trip to the moon%"​ with something like :parent.title​. How can I achieve this?

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    • alvorithm
      VIP Warrior Author

      Hi again,

      I am wondering if using Javascript in the embed block could help here. Because I only get a partial translation and I don't know JS, I don't follow much of what is discussed in the feature request with issue number 9648, proposed by @frostime

      @frostime -- wout be possible to dynamically acquire metadata from the environment (current notebook/doc, preceding block, enclosing superblock) for use in a query by using the new //!js embed functionality?

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    • ciwoyipang

      In addition, the embedding blocks of the ontology support JS.You can use plugins to enhance embedded block queries.



    • alvorithm
      VIP Warrior Author


      Tagging @zuoqiu as well (author of widget-query?).

      Reading the documentation of the widget and exploring the Refs table (use the source 😉 ), I have come up with the following SQL query

      SELECT src.* FROM blocks AS src WHERE in
      	(SELECT refs.block_id from refs 
      		WHERE refs.def_block_id='.block{.root_id}');

      This actually does what I want, i.e. it lists all the blocks pointing to the query's root block (in this case, the doc that contains the query). But

      1. widget-query renders the output as a table. I would like to render the blocks normally. Is there a way to do it like in embed block queries?
      2. alternatively, I could in principle use the same query in an embed block. But when I do, this produces no results. My question here: is the dot syntax .block{.root_id} that accesses properties of the current block not allowed in normal embeds @88250 ?

      I have searched extensively but so far I haven't found a comprehensive documentation of the query system, though I am thankful to @leolee9086 for sharing some examples in the forum.

      Please let me know if you find ways to improve my query above!

      Thank you everybody for your patience, and apologies that I just discovered the forum has a threaded reply function.



      1. changed = to IN in query so as to be able to list multiple incoming links.
      2. simplified the nested query, blocks as def not needed for it
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    • ciwoyipang 1

      SQLQuery 用法记录
      思源 SQL 新人指南 SQL 语法 Query 模板

      The attachment is the exported original text, which can be directly imported.

      Then use the browser opening function of Siyuan to use translation tools

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