Problem in creating database.


I can't create a new database with SiYuan 3.0.4 in Linux (AppImage). The process is not finished and screen shows this image.

Please advice.


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      According to the log, the view data is lost:

      E 2024/03/25 08:52:23 node.go:598: parse attribute view [20240325082545-pcrrx9h] failed: view not found

      I noticed that there is a lot of data sync merging in the log, which is not normal. Please refer to the data synchronization chapter of the user guide to confirm whether the usage is incorrect, thank you.

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    • 88250

      Hello, it seems from the log that the view data is lost. I am not sure how this problem is caused. If you can provide complete reproduction steps, it will help us further solve this problem. Thank you.

    • josemanu72
      PRO Author
      Hi, this is the exported file. If you need anything else please ask.

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    • josemanu72
      PRO Author


      Just started SiYuan and seems that the database is ok. It has been fixed by its own (??).


      Thanks again and I'll pay all my attention in case another problem arises.

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