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IT Teacher at secondary school (Spain).
  • Problem in creating database.

    2024-03-25 16:07


    I have the same problem again, tested on Windows and Linux. SiYuan 3.0.4 version.

    I send you the file log exported from Windows.

    After creating a table and a pair of "mirror" tables, I'm unable to create a new database, totally different from last one and with no relation.

    Thanks again.

  • Problem in creating database.

    2024-03-22 21:33


    Just started SiYuan and seems that the database is ok. It has been fixed by its own (??).


    Thanks again and I'll pay all my attention in case another problem arises.

  • Student's database

    2024-03-22 00:42

    Thanks for your response, I'll check the options.

  • Problem in creating database.

    2024-03-22 00:24
    Hi, this is the exported file. If you need anything else please ask.

  • Move workspace to a new WebDav server

    2024-02-26 02:30

    Done, thanks for helping.

    The problem for me has been the low performance of Nextcloud wih webdav performance, I even thought it was an issue with the application!.

    New webdav server and all ok.

  • New to Siyuan

    2024-02-09 16:38

    Sorry, my fault, User Guide isn't available when language is set to Spanish 😄 . Changed to English and all ok.

  • New to Siyuan

    2024-02-09 16:36

    Yes, thank you very much. The problem is that User guide is not available on Linux (Appimage) version, I don't know the reason, but I've found it in the Windows one. I'll use Windows one while learning.