Questions about Embend Queries

First of all, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved with Siyuan. It's a fantastic app with a wealth of features.❤️

While I'm not a programmer, and thus unable to contribute to extending its functionality, I'd be more than happy to assist in other ways, such as improving the English User-Guide. I could help clarify the instructions and add more how-to examples. Just let me know if that would be useful. But before that, I have some questions that I've been struggling with for weeks. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide examples and explanations for what I'm trying to achieve. Thanks in advance for your help!🙏

How to Query Attributes and Embed the Query on a Page

  • The example provided illustrates how to query a custom attribute with a numeric value:
    • FROM blocks
      WHERE id IN (
          SELECT block_id
          FROM attributes AS a
          WHERE ( ='custom-progress' AND a.value = '30')
             OR ( ='custom-priority' AND a.value = '2')
          GROUP BY block_id
          HAVING count(block_id) = 2
    • However, when attempting to query non-numeric custom attributes or built-in attributes such as 'bookmark' or 'name', the query fails.
      • How can I successfully embed queries for both preset and custom attributes, as well as database attributes with non-numerical values?
  • I aim to replicate the functionality of the backlink panel by embedding it directly within my document.

How to Display Database Attributes

  • It is feasible to embed a document's attributes within a page using a template, as demonstrated here: siyuan-template-misc
    • However, I'm interested in also displaying custom attributes and, importantly, database attributes. How can this be accomplished?

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    • ciwoyipang 1 1 Comment
      1. Like this
      select * from blocks where id in (select block_id from attributes where name = 'custom-function' and value = 'value')
      1. Three ways
      • image.png
        • Then / Template
        • image.png
      • Tomato plugin
        • image.png
        • image.png
      • enhance plugin
        • image.png
      1. image.png
      Thank you for your answer! I will take a look at it. Meanwhile, I can say I have already tried the Attribute Panel Plugin, but it does not display all database attributes, like for example all attributes wich are also a relation to another database are not shown.