"Expand / Collapse" - suggestions for improvements (1)

How is it today?
To collapse a subtree, the cursor must be in the root (parent) block of that subtree.

Improvement proposal
With the cursor in a child block (say, block D), when using the shortcut to collapse:

  1. collapses D ("hides" D's children, if any);
    1.1. if there are no children of D, the situation is the same as in item 2 below;
  2. when the collapse shortcut is repeated afterwards, the immediate parent of D is collapsed (and the cursor ends up in that immediate parent, say C);
  3. and so on.

For an example of this proposal, see how it is done at https://tana.inc/

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      Try collapsing with Ctrl+↑, then ↑ to move to the parent level and then continue collapsing with Ctrl+↑.

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    • Francisco 1
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      Thank you for the response.

      I was only able to test it today.

      Unfortunately, what is proposed does not make it faster to achieve the behavior that I would like to have it available, which is collapsing a subtree faster.

      For example:

      Block A
      -- Block-A1
      -- Block-A2
      -- Block-A3
      -- Block-A4

      If I have cursor at Block-A4, Ctrl+↑, then ↑ does not take cursor directly to Block-A (from where the entire subtree could be collapsed).

      In this context, I discovered that there is this command (Editor -> General) "Jump to the next block in the parent level"

      If it were possible to create a similar command: "Jump to the previous block in the parent level" this would practically solve the speed of use that I am looking for.

      Thank you in advance for your attention.

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      Thank you, we understand the scenario and requirements. We need to add a shortcut key "Jump to the parent block". Through this shortcut key, we can jump from Block-A4 to Block A, and then use Ctrl+↑ to collapse.

      The "Jump to the previous block in the parent level" you mentioned also seems to be needed in scenarios. Let's consider it together Issue #11193 · siyuan-note/siyuan