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  • Is the cloud storage backend experiencing instability?

    2024-05-29 01:32

    Thank you very much for coming back with information.

  • "Expand / Collapse" - suggestions for improvements (1)

    2024-04-30 00:45

    Thank you for the response.

    I was only able to test it today.

    Unfortunately, what is proposed does not make it faster to achieve the behavior that I would like to have it available, which is collapsing a subtree faster.

    For example:

    Block A
    -- Block-A1
    -- Block-A2
    -- Block-A3
    -- Block-A4

    If I have cursor at Block-A4, Ctrl+↑, then ↑ does not take cursor directly to Block-A (from where the entire subtree could be collapsed).

    In this context, I discovered that there is this command (Editor -> General) "Jump to the next block in the parent level"

    If it were possible to create a similar command: "Jump to the previous block in the parent level" this would practically solve the speed of use that I am looking for.

    Thank you in advance for your attention.

  • Database with Gallery view

    2024-02-19 21:00

    "We will decide whether to develop the gallery view based on the demand later."

    How can users indicate, or vote, which demands they are most interested in? Via this forum itself? By voting on the roadmap board? Is it possible to view the "ranking" of interest? Thank you very much!