"Expand / Collapse" - suggestions for improvements (2)

How is it today?
To completely expand a subtree, you must go to each block within that subtree, that has children, and expand it (and recursively, if necessary, that is, you must go to the children, and to the children of children, and expand each block individually)

Improvement proposal
With the cursor at the root of a subtree ("initial" block of this subtree, let's call this block A), create commands (with the possibility of associating a keyboard shortcut) to:

  1. expand the entire subtree, recursively;
  2. collapse the entire subtree, recursively;
  3. indicate the level (1, 2, 3 etc) at which the subtree should be expanded / collapsed. For example, if you choose 1, only the direct children of A will be shown (the subtree will be expanded to the 1st level, and the direct children of A will be shown). If the level is 2, the subtree will be expanded to show only A's direct children and grandchildren.

For an example of this proposal, see how it is done at https://checkvist.com (use shortcut "EC" - Expand & collapse)

Thanks a lot!

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      Please try to use Alt+Click the list item block icon or the list item dot to fold/expand the sibling nodes of the same level. Although this operation cannot directly specify the operation level, it should be able to replace the recursive folding/expansion you need, thanks.