Feedback about error "Failed to serve port" at startup and request to fix

Program serves port at startup. I assume the port is only needed for the "Network Serving" feature?

The failed to serve port is related to the action "serve port" at startup. The port is not needed to run at startup.
User is also locked out from workspace and can not use it if "serve port at startup" fails with error "Failed to serve port".

Siyuan can be used without "Network Serving". Not all users use Network Serving. Siyuan should not serve port at startup, but instead it should be served only if user enables settings->about->Network serving

Benefits to disable serve port at startup:

  • There is no benefit to serve port at startup by default. When Network serving is enabled, program restarts with serve port
  • User is not locked out of workspace by error "Failed to serve port" at startup and can acces his data
  • Not all users use Network serving and do not require serve port at startup. Or require it only sometimes.


  • Why is serve port enabled by default at startup? In current implementation the serve port is occupied by default for no reason or user encounters error "Failed to serve port"
  • Users can have a proxy/tor enabled system-wide (as this user in post here). These users always encounter the "failed to serve port". I tested this myself. I did torrify my linux OS and always encounter the error. How can this issue be solved?? Does changing settings->about->Network Proxy. solve the problem when behind proxy/tor, and what settings must be specified?

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