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  • Moving a block loses block reference/ID.

    2024-05-20 20:01

    Better solution i think:

    1. Create block
    2. Copy reference
    3. Paste in new page
    4. Right click "purple reference" and select Turn into-> Define Block and its children

    Step 4 will move original block to destination note and place the reference of original in source note. Basically switch original and reference positions.

  • Why does it tries to contact constantly?

    2024-05-20 19:56

    Any network packets when auto update, Google analytics, upload errors & diagnostics and Network serving are disabled?

  • Failed to get kernel serve port

    2024-05-14 19:34

    No response yet? I have the same issue and found solution 2 worked for me. Try option 3 first then 2.
    Troubleshoot in english is difficult to find. I checked the chinese github issues for you and translated with links:

    1. Usefull to remember there are two log files (Source:

      • log 1: Workspace--> /temp/siyuan.log
      • log 2: C:\Users\username.config\siyuan\app.log (windows) OR /home/User/.config/siyuan (linux)
    2. Delete the folder in C:\Users\username.config\siyuan(windows) or /home/user/.config/siyuan(linux ) Before deleting try disabling anti-virus and firewall if possible (Source: Issue #8047 · siyuan-note/siyuan)

      This forces you to relocate your workspace to open

    3. Kill the SiYuan-Kernel process in task manager and restart:
      Source: Issue #8047 · siyuan-note/siyuan

  • Is it possible for markdown export to link to other files?

    2024-03-21 18:56

    I appreciate your resonse, but it is not only for complete batch export for users to turn away from siyuan, but rather for collaborative reasons and to publish notes. Users of Siyuan can collaborate and share specific notes.

    I just want a guide on how to use anchor hash. How would I proceed after I used the feature after export, so post anchor hash. I do not quite understand what to do with the new file after export.

  • Is it possible for markdown export to link to other files?

    2024-03-20 23:56

    I think the issue remains with anchor hash for the reason that it is limited to notebook currently, meaning I cannot select rendering from Markdown to HTML from the notebook_ex > export > (selectable=Markdown/

    How would i export my notes to HTML with anchor hash? I think I would be limited to using pandoc -o output.html, I tried it with pandoc, which succesfully creates html with link to other note, but it just opens the other note without navigation to the <span> block, so no hash jump in browser (brave/firefox) to block.

  • Is it possible for markdown export to link to other files?

    2024-03-20 23:23

    The anchor hash feature currently creates a span object <span id="20231110120736-ze6m41f"></span>. Some kind of program should be able to understand and find this block inside the note as reference. Can anyone help me understand how this can be useful after export, where do I use this, which program understands this syntax?

    The export mode Anchor hash for notebook Markdown exporting has some limitations.

    In the case i want to publish a particular note (with links to other notes) my approach is:

    1. From main notebook export the notebook you want to publish to file
    2. Create new (temporary) notebook
    3. import file to new temp notebook
    4. Export temp notebook export it to any selectable format (only markdown is currently selectable)

    Other limitation of Anchor has export and the only way I got it to work (performed testing by exporting to Obsidian):

    • currently only works for notebook and does not allow nested notes. In the process of exporting all notes must be unnested inside notebook for .md export to function.
    • Currently does not support block reference. Can only link to main note. Tested by importing to obsidian (not a siyuan issue, but a markdown syntax limitation i presume)

    Depending on the responses here I might add a feature request soon that involves the concept of user selectable export syntax. In which before execution of export using anchor hash a user can type in the conversion syntax to apply. User is presented with input fields much like the settings > Export > Anchor text wrapping symbol fields.

    Conversion syntax for siyuan > obsidian would be: [[ 2#^d8bf62|Note 2]] and conversion input fields could somehow be [[ .. / .. #^ .. | .. ]]