Failed to get kernel serve port


I'm trying to use siyuan behind a company proxy (latest version 0.3.13) but it fails with

⚠️ 获取内核服务端口失败 Failed to get kernel serve port


Failed to get kernel serve port, please make sure the program has network permissions and is not blocked by firewalls and antivirus software.

How can I get around that ?


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    • Siysuy 1

      No response yet? I have the same issue and found solution 2 worked for me. Try option 3 first then 2.
      Troubleshoot in english is difficult to find. I checked the chinese github issues for you and translated with links:

      1. Usefull to remember there are two log files (Source:

        • log 1: Workspace--> /temp/siyuan.log
        • log 2: C:\Users\username.config\siyuan\app.log (windows) OR /home/User/.config/siyuan (linux)
      2. Delete the folder in C:\Users\username.config\siyuan(windows) or /home/user/.config/siyuan(linux ) Before deleting try disabling anti-virus and firewall if possible (Source: Issue #8047 · siyuan-note/siyuan)

        This forces you to relocate your workspace to open

      3. Kill the SiYuan-Kernel process in task manager and restart:
        Source: Issue #8047 · siyuan-note/siyuan

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