Is it possible for markdown export to link to other files?

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I exported a notebook to markdown (which is great), but I found that the files don't have links to other files like they were in Siyuan.

So, is there anyway to make markdown exports have links to other files?

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    • Siysuy

      I appreciate your resonse, but it is not only for complete batch export for users to turn away from siyuan, but rather for collaborative reasons and to publish notes. Users of Siyuan can collaborate and share specific notes.

      I just want a guide on how to use anchor hash. How would I proceed after I used the feature after export, so post anchor hash. I do not quite understand what to do with the new file after export.

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    • 88250

      In theory, programs that support standard Markdown (CommonMark) should be able to support parsing and rendering inline HTML elements, that is, <span>, but they may not necessarily support anchor hash jumps. After rendering from Markdown to HTML, the browser can support anchor hash jumping, so currently, exporting references as anchor hashs is the optimal solution.

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    • 88250

      The reason why this function is placed at the notebook level is because some users no longer want to use SiYuan and need complete batch export, so support for this function is not considered at the document level.

      I'm not sure if the span tag still exists after pandoc converts the HTML, but I'm sure anchor jumps can be used and you can write HTML tests in the browser.

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    • Siysuy

      I think the issue remains with anchor hash for the reason that it is limited to notebook currently, meaning I cannot select rendering from Markdown to HTML from the notebook_ex > export > (selectable=Markdown/

      How would i export my notes to HTML with anchor hash? I think I would be limited to using pandoc -o output.html, I tried it with pandoc, which succesfully creates html with link to other note, but it just opens the other note without navigation to the <span> block, so no hash jump in browser (brave/firefox) to block.

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