Guide: Publishing SiYuan notes with Hugo

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I have created some Python scripts to publish notes in SiYuan using the Hugo static site generator. I am using the scripts to publish my own notes.

An explanation of how the scripts work is in this post. The scripts include the capabilities to

  • Create files as needed by Hugo
  • Create hyperlinks to other notes. This provides an important missing feature in SiYuan because the markdown notes exported by SiYuan do not contain links to other markdown files
    • This includes the ability to hyperlink to a particular paragraph, heading, image etc. within a note
  • Add a "Backlinks" section to each note
  • Copy images from SiYuan to the appropriate Hugo site source directory

I hope these scripts help others and would be happy to answer any questions.

Special thanks to @88250 and @adham for their inspiring comments on this thread. May they grow in happiness, health, and wisdom 😀

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