Moving a block loses block reference/ID.

Hi. Here is the thing:

  1. I create a block.

  2. I copy the block reference.

  3. I paste the block reference in some other page.

  4. I go back to the block, cut it and paste it in still another page.


  5. The block reference in step 3 doesn't work Message "Block could not be found".

In Logseq moving a block doesn't change its ID, so the existing references keep pointing to the new block location. How can this be made in Siyuan?

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    • Siysuy 1

      Better solution i think:

      1. Create block
      2. Copy reference
      3. Paste in new page
      4. Right click "purple reference" and select Turn into-> Define Block and its children

      Step 4 will move original block to destination note and place the reference of original in source note. Basically switch original and reference positions.

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    • yozzarian


    • 88250

      Use drag and drop to move a block instead of copy/cut and paste it.

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