Query to access inline memo content

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Inline memos are annotations that can be added to inline text. While I know how to access via SQL block memos, I can't see how to get at inline memos. I would like to be able to access them from e.g. database template columns.

The dev view within SiYuan shows that the memo content is inserted as a span data-inline-memo-content attribute, e.g. here it is :::DEP

<!-- this is surrounded by two spans with data-type `a` containing the rest of the anchor
text, I just annotated an arbitrary substring for demonstration -->
<span data-type="a inline-memo" 
data-inline-memo-content=":::DEP">ters Guile Scheme course April 202</span>

I can get all such spans via this SQL query (thanks to the excellent widget-query plugin!)

select * from spans where type like '%inline-memo%'

However, for the previous span the content field returns the annotated text ters Guile Scheme course April 202 concatenated with the text that annotates it, here :::DEP

`ters Guile Scheme course April 202:::DEP`

The markdown field shows no trace of the annotation.

How can I cleanly extract the string :::DEP, without having to introduce a separator convention (e.g. :::) and do string processing to get at the memo?

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