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  • Keyboard shortcut for opening keymap?

    2024-06-28 09:52

    It's possible to set this via AutoHotkey, but it's not the best solution. Requires the window to be maximized. Save the file as e.g. SiYuan_show_keymap_hotkey.ahk and run on startup if wish.

    #Requires AutoHotkey >=2-
    #SingleInstance Force
    #HotIf WinActive("ahk_exe SiYuan.exe")  ; The hotkeys following this line are only active when SiYuan.exe is the active window.
    ; Press Alt+K to show SiYuan keymap (requires this plugin: https://github.com/zuoez02/siyuan-plugin-keymap)
    	; The coordinates for the "Show keymap" button in the plugin, assuming:
    	;   - SiYuan.exe is fullscreen
    	;   - and active on the main monitor
    	;   - and the window is raised up from the bottom of the screen by whatever the width of Windows taskbar is
    	clickX := 1872
    	clickY := 1017
        MouseClick("left", clickX, clickY)