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  • SQL query with JavaScript

    2024-01-04 15:50
    @alvorithm I agree the template creation interface could be better. I haven’t really looked into it and just added the markdown files in the folder. Generally, I prefer using templates for SQL though since it’s a lot of boiler plate anyways. So I just have a template for querying blocks and one that inserts the current document id and then edit the query in Siyuan.
  • SQL query with JavaScript

    2024-01-03 23:15
    @alvorithm Indeed we can query the blocks of the current document with a template
  • SQL query with JavaScript

    2024-01-03 06:09
    @alvorithm that’s right and I think it’s not possible using js or queries alone. It lot looks like they are unaware where they are called from. My next try will be templates which should work at least. They can interpolate the current document id if.
  • SQL query with JavaScript

    2023-12-31 20:14
    However, generally queries within the same document don't seem to be possible