Permanently deactivate account

Come and go freely

LiuYun provides the function of deactivating the account, which can be found in Mobile App SiYuan - Settings - Account, the function will try to erase the existence of the user.

After account deactivation

  • Once the account is deactivated, it cannot be restored, please do not try it at will
  • The username will be filled with someone101 (the number after that is the user ID), and the password will be reset with a random number
  • Clear user nickname, URL, bio, avatar, site link, email and other information
  • All privacy setting switches will return to the default public state
  • The username and email will not be used again in the future
  • The user status is set to disabled, and login is prohibited

Traces of Existence

It is impossible to completely delete user data because after the content is published, the data is associated with users and leaves traces of existence on the Internet.

We think the traces of existence are very important. Although we provide the ability to update posts/replies, please remember that every modification you make will be recorded and can be seen by other users. Therefore, please consider the impact of this content on yourself and others in the future before posting any content.

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