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Is there any documentation to properly configure WebDAV sync from third party service like one drive?

Thank you

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    • ciwoyipang 1 Up

      Onedrive does not support WebDav,You can use Alist to mount onedrive.

      But,Suggest using Amazon or other vendors' S3 protocol.

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    • ranggasan
      PRO Author

      Actually, I have tried to add OneDrive as my network location in my PC using WebDAV protocol and it's working, but when I tried to configure OneDrive WebDAV in SiYuan, it gave me error 401 Unauthorized Error

      Eventually, I'm using other cloud service and the sync is working fine now


    • nrwny

      Here's a step by step tutorial for setting up WebDAV sync with Koofr cloud storage: Set up a cloud sync to Koofr in SiYuan using WebDAV - Koofr blog

      You can use it as a rough guide for other services, just skip the app-generated password section if your chosen storage vendor doesn't offer something similar.