Any way to subscribe to get cloud sync (Windows + Android) from Europe?

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Hi guys,

Is there any way to subscribe to get cloud sync (Windows + Android) from Europe?


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    • Nhan000 1

      @88250 said on Discord that Sync for outside mainland China will be available in the next release (2.9.3)

      Link to the post SiYuan Lifetime Subscription is now on sale, seats are limited

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    • mka

      Is there a non technical way to get S3 for free. I read the Cloudflare R2 document, looks like some technical stuff there.

    • Nhan

      That I don't know. We'll have to wait and see how they implement that paywall in the future.

    • TaxDevOp 1
      VIP Warrior

      Hi Michael,

      if you are in germany: I am using Strato HiDrive S3 - Siyuan is working smooth out of the box with it. No issues (neither one of both is paying me for saying that, it's simply a fact).

      Only in my company the IT-Guys are blocking the Siyuan-Servers (for Themes, Plugins, etc.) because the servers are in China. On my private firewall i opened outbound port 443 for my PCs for that servers. But the Strato Servers aren't blocked anyways.

      Best regards


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