A collection of terms and concepts in SiYuan vs its peers

I wanted to start this thread to help people including myself to share whatever they learn from using SiYuan. There's more similarity between SiYuan and other PKM than there're differences, but the difference in terminology make it hard to pick up any new tool. I'd also hope that D and V will consider changing some terms (where appropriate) to be more aligned with how other PKM apps name their features.

Please feel free to contribute. I may not be active for long. Here we go:

In SiYuan, the Backlinks panel has 2 sections: Backlinks and Mentions.

  • The Backlinks section lists notes that have links to the current note in its content (You need to consciously link to this note beforehand). The Backlinks section is equivalent to the "Linked mentions" in Obsidian, and "Linked References" in Logseq.
  • The Mentions section list notes that has the name of the current note in its content. The Mentions section is equivalent to "Unlinked mentions" in Obsidian, and "Unlinked References" in Logseq.

I'd prefer to use Obsidian terms in this case because it's the easiest to understand. "Mentions", "Linked", and "Unlinked", tell users very clear what they mean.

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