SiYuan as an Outliner?

Is it (or will it be) possible to use SiYuan as an Outliner app, similar to RemNote?

At first glance, it seems this might be possible if I keep all my content within Lists. However, I'm not sure if this is the intended use for this feature.

I'm also not sure if this could lead to peformance issues. I noticed that there is always a short loading time (a spinning wheel shows for about half a second) whenever I unfold a header or list item in SiYuan. This happens even if there are only a couple of blocks nested within. I also noticed that most docs in the "SiYuan User Guide" Notebook are relatively quite short.

For comparison, I have documents in RemNote that are a few times longer than the entire "SiYuan User Guide", with deeply nested structures, and there are no noticeable lags. This is essential for my workflow, as it allows me to quickly navigate and restructure my notes, with almost zero friction.

Of course, I understand if you're not interested in focusing on outliner features for SiYuan. The app already looks and works great as a note-taking app!

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    forestknows updated this article at 2023-07-07 00:55:46

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      @MonkCanatella We found this UI problem, the next version will slightly reduce the height gap between some blocks, thank you.

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    • forestknows

      Yeah I also think it seems to be a potential "quick win" to invest in outliner features. The thing is maybe this isn't their priority...

      One think to note is that, although SiYuan has block-level granularity, the files themselves are actually at document level. In this sense it's more similar to an app like Obsidian, rather than Remnote. This might be an obstacle for full outliner capabilities...

      At least that's what I understood!

    • leolee9086

      Actually, I don't use the list function very often. I usually only use it when creating outlines. As for performance testing, I have only done it for normal document formats, and most devices should not experience lag when reading Chinese novels with over one million characters (except for possibly taking a moment to import). I will try to find familiar users who can speak about the performance of lists.

    • forestknows

      Yeah I vaguely understand how RemNote structure its data. Everything is a "rem", an equivalent to "block" in other apps. And whether a block in RemNote can be a page, a folder, etc. is just a matter of how you designate the identity of that block.

      That's it. They do have the concept of Documents, though that's just a Rem that shows in the sidebar (plus some other small differences). Even Slots (their equivalent to Attributes) and tags are Rems! It's very elegant and powerful.

      I think the answer to your question if SiYuan can be used as an Outliner app is that it absolutely can. Block is still the smallest unit here. Though I don't know if it can support your RemNote workflow.

      I do notice a slight lag when unfold a header in SiYuan not matter how large the content within is, so I think it's more like a quirk (definitely should be improved) than a performance issue. However, there is no lag when unfold a list.

      You are right! I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out. That completely changed my view. I updated one of my replies above to reflect that (I tagged you). With that, I think SiYuan might be fully able to support my RemNote workflow, and much more! Will investigate further.

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