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  • Please create video tutorials in English

    2023-08-16 22:07

    I agree that would be nice

    I guess this is because the app has been changing fast, so any tutorial done now would look outdated soon. Especially with the upcoming database feature

    Hopefully some user will take it upon them to do some videos! Maybe you?

  • Global Attributes (Feature Request)

    2023-08-05 23:55

    Not sure I fully understand this, but I think it suggests shared attributes won't be possible, at least at first

    Issue #8899 · siyuan-note/siyuan

  • SiYuan as an Outliner?

    2023-08-05 23:47

    Yeah I also think it seems to be a potential "quick win" to invest in outliner features. The thing is maybe this isn't their priority...

    One think to note is that, although SiYuan has block-level granularity, the files themselves are actually at document level. In this sense it's more similar to an app like Obsidian, rather than Remnote. This might be an obstacle for full outliner capabilities...

    At least that's what I understood!

  • SiYuan as an Outliner?

    2023-08-05 23:34

    I agree. I adjusted that easily with CSS.

    Also possible on mobile.

  • Is this forum the best place for Feature Requests and Bug Reports (in English)?

    2023-07-09 20:46


    Thank you for developing SiYuan!

  • Trying to understand sync and backup options

    2023-07-08 22:04

    Yes, I managed to do that. I installed SiYuan on my laptop, and managed to access it via a browser from my phone. It's a nice feature.

    However, I want to also be able to use SiuYan on my phone when I am outside my home network. That is why I'm assuming I'd need 2 separate SiYuan installations - one on my laptop and one on my phone.

    Unless I am missing something, which is highly possible. If that is the case, I apologize!

  • Trying to understand sync and backup options

    2023-07-08 15:23

    Thank you.

    The sync options sound very technical to me. I'll try to read more about it... Also, from what I understand, any of those sync options would require payment.

    Perhaps the best solution for my case would be to have two separate installations:

    1. On my laptop, with content that I want to keep at my home.
    2. On my phone, with content I want to be able to take with me when I leave my home.

    Then at home I can use the server function to access my laptop from my mobile, and my phone from my laptop, if needed.

    Does that make sense?

  • Trying to understand sync and backup options

    2023-07-08 06:05

    Thank you for your reply!

    I did come across that browsing feature and tested it out - it is quite interesting. However I'd like to be able to access the data on my mobile when out of the house as well, so I guess there would need to be syncing between the two devices (I'd probably just sync one Notebook between the two devices, with the other Notebooks being exclusive to the laptop). Is this possible, via only my local network?

    I updated my post to hopefully make those points clearer.

  • SiYuan as an Outliner?

    2023-07-07 04:03

    Yeah I vaguely understand how RemNote structure its data. Everything is a "rem", an equivalent to "block" in other apps. And whether a block in RemNote can be a page, a folder, etc. is just a matter of how you designate the identity of that block.

    That's it. They do have the concept of Documents, though that's just a Rem that shows in the sidebar (plus some other small differences). Even Slots (their equivalent to Attributes) and tags are Rems! It's very elegant and powerful.

    I think the answer to your question if SiYuan can be used as an Outliner app is that it absolutely can. Block is still the smallest unit here. Though I don't know if it can support your RemNote workflow.

    I do notice a slight lag when unfold a header in SiYuan not matter how large the content within is, so I think it's more like a quirk (definitely should be improved) than a performance issue. However, there is no lag when unfold a list.

    You are right! I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out. That completely changed my view. I updated one of my replies above to reflect that (I tagged you). With that, I think SiYuan might be fully able to support my RemNote workflow, and much more! Will investigate further.

  • SiYuan as an Outliner?

    2023-07-07 02:05

    Also when you @forestknows say you "keep all my content within Lists", you mean you have a giant list and everything is just a bullet in that list and you just zoom in and zoom out as needed?

    In RemNote, yes. Though I rarely zoom in/out. Usually I'm just folding/unfolding, so I can focus on the branches that I'm interested in. Keep in mind that in RemNote everything is essentially a bullet list (you can choose to hide the bullets themselves, but the blocks always behave the same way - they can be freely nested, folded/unfolded etc).

    Edit: to add an example.
    I just grabbed the full content of Elvis' wikipedia page (supposed to be one of the longest), pasted to RemNote, then did a bit of nesting (not too much). Runs slower than a normal-sized page, but still quick and smooth (quicker than unfolding Headers in SiYuan).

    Edit2: oops!
    After reading @Nhan 's comment (explaining that the lag only happend with headers, not with Lists) I just did the same with Siyuan (pasted entire Elvis wikipedia as a List, then did some random nesting) and... it's faster than RemNote. Much faster. Pasting was instantaneous (on RemNote this took a minute). After that, folding/unfolding was super quick. So I guess it's totally possible to do this in SiYuan in technical terms. I'll probably do a Feature Request soon for a few features that would allow an outliner workflow (not much would need to be added, to be honest).

    By the way, I deleted the images I had added here because they didn't add much to the discussion.. It was just screenshots of the content within RemNote.