Tooltips color abnormal problem and its solution, in SiYuan 2.9.5

The CSS variables changed after the update of Siyuan version 2.9.5, and the color of tooltips in most of the themes will be abnormal.

image.png f3f807c534c0dd8c80b77b1e9a312e8f.jpeg

This problem will be fixed only after the theme make their adaptation to the change.

Yet, before that, you can use the following code snippet as an alternative (of course , just temporarily, remove it after the theme update):

.b3-tooltips::after {
    color: var(--b3-theme-on-primary);
    background-color: var(--b3-theme-primary-light);

.b3-tooltips__s::before, .b3-tooltips__se::before, .b3-tooltips__sw::before{
    border-bottom-color: var(--b3-theme-primary-light);

.b3-tooltips__n::before, .b3-tooltips__ne::before, .b3-tooltips__nw::before {
    border-top-color: var(--b3-theme-primary-light);

.b3-tooltips__e::before {
    border-right-color: var(--b3-theme-primary-light);

.b3-tooltips__w::before {
    border-left-color: var(--b3-theme-primary-light);

div#tooltip {
   color: var(--b3-theme-on-primary);

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