Tutorial guide how to set a Cloudflare R2 S3

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I'm not technical.

I would like a help how to set a S3 Cloudflare R2.

I'm afraid to add my credit card there and bill a lot because of wrong use.

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    • n4v41 2

      what is exactly you doubt ? a full tutorial would require a r2 subscription wich i don't have.

      in simple steps:

      1. go to the cloudflare dashboard
      2. create a bucket
      3. create an token to authenticate on the s3 api: https://developers.cloudflare.com/r2/api/s3/tokens/
      4. go to siyuan configure the s3 sync with the information gathered on previous steps
      5. after configuring the conection information go to cloud sync dir and add a directory for the sincronization

      in general i think that under normal use "not adding/modifying more than 20k assets/documents per day" the billing probably would stay on the free tier.
      for comparison i have a minio instance, my bucket has 615MB with a total count of 23,305 objects,
      on R2 this would stay on the free tier
      if the chages are much frequent i would recommend increase the sync time from the default 30 second to avoid surpassing the 1mm write operations on the free tier.

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    • mka
      PRO Author

      Helped me. My fear is putting my Paypal account there without limits and due to an error in the sync they will charge me a high amount because there is no way to set a limit there.