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  • Search results very distracting

    2023-10-26 01:24

    I think the search tool is perhaps the weakest point of the application, it's not at all intuitive. Reminds me of Notion's search tool. After that, another very weak point is how to deal with lists. It's still a long way from replacing a list application like Workflowy and Dynalist.

  • embed block query for child document

    2023-09-18 21:09

    It's given 3 results. I have only two "palavra" in the child.


  • Tutorial guide how to set a Cloudflare R2 S3

    2023-09-15 07:12

    Helped me. My fear is putting my Paypal account there without limits and due to an error in the sync they will charge me a high amount because there is no way to set a limit there.

  • How to learn more about sql search query?

    2023-09-13 20:41

    It's appearing again. You should see the embed block document in the guide and click edit in the sql button. You can see the code. Do the same for all embed blocks there. One of them is for unfinished tasks.

  • SiYuan as an Outliner?

    2023-09-13 03:42

    Trying the lists feature as outliner for some days on. It's far from Workflowy or Remnote experience. The overall behavior is different, feels unfinished. But far most about the search and filter inside the outlines. Very difficult to see the context and zoom through the search out of the box. Maybe with a lot of sql queries you could do the work but the experience is still bad.

  • Some useful SQL snippets

    2023-09-13 03:04

    We need more from this.

  • How to learn more about sql search query?

    2023-09-12 22:48

    Looks like sql search query has been disabled after the update.

  • Please give options for custom daily note dates

    2023-09-12 22:44

    How to set for this format: Tue, Aug 1, 2023

  • SiYuan as an Outliner?

    2023-09-11 03:32

    I've been using Remnote almost since the beginning. Lately the experience has improved a lot. There are still several bugs and small problems with how the app was designed. Performance is good. The community is small and the majority are students. App very focused on flashcards. I'm still testing Siyuan. I've already found some bugs but I don't intend to point out each one here. I prefer to wait for development.

  • Global search method default (SQL query saved)

    2023-09-10 06:50

    But I want to keep what I've saved there and keep the keyword search default, without the saved query default fill the form

  • To-do document containing all to-do's from other documents

    2023-09-08 18:14

    You can save the query inside the global search

  • Please create video tutorials in English

    2023-09-08 18:12

    Siyuan is complex. A lot of features. So tutorial videos would help a lot.

  • Any way to subscribe to get cloud sync (Windows + Android) from Europe?

    2023-09-08 18:04

    Is there a non technical way to get S3 for free. I read the Cloudflare R2 document, looks like some technical stuff there.