How to learn more about sql search query?

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Hi! I took a lot of time to find out how to search for finished and unfinished tasks through sql query. Is there a specific document for learning sql query? And how to search for a specific color block, for example?

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    • mka
      PRO Author

      It's appearing again. You should see the embed block document in the guide and click edit in the sql button. You can see the code. Do the same for all embed blocks there. One of them is for unfinished tasks.

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    • avcton

      Got it!. Thank Youu

    • avcton

      That's a shame. Was really looking forward to some replacement for Obsidian's DataView 😭

    • avcton

      Yes, would love to have some kind of docs to get more insights into the search power using SQL.
      Can you please share what you have found about querying finished and unfinished tasks?
      It would be highly appreciated.

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