Please create video tutorials in English

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Can sombody make some video tutorials? This seems to be very good software but it so difficult for me to get to know it because I don't understand these documentation very well, partly because English is not my native Language, partly because I am more visual person and I learn by example.

Even not English but with human written English subtitles on youtube would be very helpful.

This would also bring some more users and popularity it deserves to this software.

Thank you in advance.

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    • mka

      Siyuan is complex. A lot of features. So tutorial videos would help a lot.

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    • forestknows

      I agree that would be nice

      I guess this is because the app has been changing fast, so any tutorial done now would look outdated soon. Especially with the upcoming database feature

      Hopefully some user will take it upon them to do some videos! Maybe you?

    • Lantern

      It seems like D and V just started Siyuan internationalization(?) this year,everything around is in its infancy,video tutorials included.

      maybe this suggestion can work out for you:

      you can try "use it in browser"(Find it in setting-about-use on browser),and use some extension to translate Documentation in your first language.For example,in Edge, you can hold down"shift" while clicking the right mouse to call up the menu or just click the third icon image.png
      to translate.

      Sorry to trouble you.There is still a long way for Siyuan to go,whick takes time.

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      Lantern updated this reply at 2023-08-17 22:22:19
    • rty16

      I perfectly understand that developers want to stay focused on development but on the other hand some how-to's would make it more popular and attract more attention, more users, more cooperation from other developers, more income.

      Forgive me for not doing it myself but I barely understand the basics.

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