Feature Request: Find Page in Doc Tree


I would like a feature to be added:

When you click the hamburger menu ("More") on a page, or when you click the "Click to open the Menu" page icon in the top right hand corner of a page, there should be an option to "Find Page in Doc Tree"

I use the Doc Tree to organize my notes mentally (I also use a Map of Content page, but sometimes I am too busy to back link a note).

I would like to find a page from search and then be able to jump to it in the Doc Tree easily so that I can click and drag it to the folder I want to. Currently, I have to look at the breadcrumb in the search, then click through multiple folders to find it in the Doc Tree. This takes a lot of time. A "Find Page in Doc Tree" feature would make it a one click solution.

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    • zxhd86 1

      I believe what you are referring to is the existing feature:

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    • Jardim
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      Oh my gosh you're the best @zxhd86 Thank you!